People should have the power to shape the places where they live.

Our argument

During Covid, we woke up to the power of community.

But it’s not new. People have long been working together to support each other, create good local jobs and improve their areas.

And by doing so, communities help to tackle some of the biggest problems facing us.

Problems like inequality, local decline, loneliness and mistrust.

So why is making a difference still such an uphill struggle?

We’re stuck in a system which isn’t working anymore.

Where power is held by remote institutions and distant politicians.

They’re looking for answers, but they’re looking in the wrong places.

We need to trust the people who know their areas.

We need to put power in the hands of our communities.


Who we are

Driven by community leaders

Sacha BeddingHartlepool

Running a place to meet in one of Britain’s most challenged neighbourhoods.

Neelam HeeraBirmingham

Tackling health inequalities at the heart of community.

Charlotte HollinsShropshire

Managing the country's first community-owned farm.

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Andy JacksonSheffield

Building community in Heeley for 25 years.

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Inayat OmarjiBolton

Working with the whole community to regenerate a disused church.

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Deana BamfordCoalville

Taking over buildings and putting them in community hands.

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Claude HendricksonLeeds

Supporting people to build their own homes.

Trina RobsonBarrow

Co-designing services with local people in Barrow.

Vision &

Our Vision People should have the power to shape their places and communities should have the rights and tools they need to come together and take control of their own futures. Our Mission The We’re Right Here campaign is working to build a united movement for community power, spanning places and communities across the UK as well as the political spectrum.
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Why it matters

“The farm’s heart and soul is back”: Charlotte’s story

Charlotte Hollins tells the story behind the UK’s first community-owned farm, after 8000 people bought shares to save Fordhall from being taken over.

A blueprint for ‘double devolution’

The Labour Party has begun to set out a vision to shift where power lies so local people can genuinely shape the places where they live. This is how to make it a reality.

Mayors aren’t enough to meet people’s ambitions for their local area

Is having a metro or county Mayor enough to meet people’s ambitions for their local area? Not according to our latest polling.

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We’re Right Here.

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We’re Right Here is currently a campaign centred on English legislation. But we are keen to explore how we can build the movement in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Please get in touch if you would like to help.