Ask your MP to sign the Community Power Pledge

Momentum is building across the country for a Community Power Act, a transformative piece of legislation that would give local people the powers they need to shape the places where they live.

MPs from different parties are starting to listen and take note. But it’s vital we keep up the pressure and build a strong political coalition in support of the Community Power Act.

You can ask your local MP to sign our Community Power Pledge now.

With the pledge, your MP can back a Community Power Act which would:

  1. Establish three new community rights to take ownership of spaces, public services and investment
  2. Create Community Covenants to bring local people, organisations and local authorities together
  3. Establish a Community Power Commissioner to uphold new community rights

Here are steps you can take to get your MP to sign the pledge:

By showcasing the political backing behind our campaign for community power, we hope to get the message across louder than ever that we need to see action now, so that communities get the powers they require and deserve. 

Please let us know via if you send the letter to your local MP, and forward any response you get so we can keep track. 

If you’re an MP and would like to back the pledge, please let us know via