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Meet the campaign leaders

Our campaign is driven by eight remarkable community leaders. They’re making a huge difference to their places and neighbours, but in the face of obstacles that simply should not exist. They share what they do, what keeps them going, and why they’re part of We’re Right Here.

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Neelam’s story: Tackling health inequalities at the heart of community.

It shouldn’t be so difficult for us to get a hearing when these are the decisions which so fundamentally shape our lives. I suffer from some chronic health conditions, and over the years I got increasingly frustrated that issues around reproductive and mental health were being trivialised by healthcare professionals and sexualised by the ethnic […]

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Katrina Robson’s story: helping families in Barrow

I like the idea that people who live here can have influence. We have a right to expect better  I have worked in public services in Barrow for most of my working life. A lot of people move to the Lake District, but it feels different when you were born and brought up here and have a […]

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