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Neelam’s story: Tackling health inequalities at the heart of community.

It shouldn’t be so difficult for us to get a hearing when these are the decisions which so fundamentally shape our lives. I suffer from some chronic health conditions, and over the years I got increasingly frustrated that issues around reproductive and mental health were being trivialised by healthcare professionals and sexualised by the ethnic […]

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Katrina Robson’s story: helping families in Barrow

I like the idea that people who live here can have influence. We have a right to expect better  I have worked in public services in Barrow for most of my working life. A lot of people move to the Lake District, but it feels different when you were born and brought up here and have a […]

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“All we needed was a space to tackle period poverty”

Our campaign leader Neelam Heera faced continous push-back in her search for something simple – a space to house period products vital for the marginalised communities she worked with. She shares why a Community Power Act is vital in giving initiatives like hers the – literal – room to flourish.

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