Join our campaign team

We’re Right Here is seeking expressions of interest from people active in their community who would like to join our campaign team. To put yourself forward, please fill out this very short form by 22 April. And for an informal chat about it, please contact Will Brett ( / 07979 696 265).


We’re Right Here is a national campaign to shift power to communities, so that local people can shape the places where they live. We are supported by nine national organisations long committed to ‘community power’ – these are Power to Change, the Cares Family, New Local, Locality, the Young Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Local Trust, People’s Health Trust and Friends Provident Foundation. But we are led by people with direct experience of making things happen in their local areas. The campaign seeks to draw on the energy and ambition of those committed to their communities and places, but also their frustration at a system that too often gets in the way. We’re Right Here is campaigning for a Community Power Act – a landmark piece of legislation which will fundamentally change where power lies, so that communities can take back control for real.

Campaign Team: terms of reference

All strategic direction and significant decisions are taken by an executive Campaign Team. In order to draw on the full diversity of talents and experience available, this Campaign Team is made up of equal parts community activists rooted in their areas, and representatives of national organisations.

The Campaign Team meets on average once every fortnight for 90 minutes, online. Beyond this, there is no formal expectation of time commitment from members of the Campaign Team. However, there are continual opportunities for members of the Campaign Team to contribute to the campaign beyond attending the official meetings should they wish – appearing in the media, developing ideas and materials, building up networks of support, meeting ministers and MPs, speaking at events, etc.

Membership of the Campaign Team is remunerated at £200 per calendar month. The campaign is currently funded until the end of 2022 but with the expectation of raising funds for the next calendar year at least.

Call for participation

We are looking for between one and three community activists to join our existing Campaign Team.

Our Campaign Team needs community leaders with passion and commitment to the cause, and with the ability to articulate why it matters. As well as convincing communicators, we need strategic and creative thinkers able to see the big picture and generate ideas for how to build up a long-term campaigning infrastructure that advances the community power agenda. And we need leaders from a diverse range of communities to ensure we are drawing on all our talents and demonstrating the breadth of the movement for community power.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of what we believe is an agenda-setting campaign. It will afford all sorts of development opportunities related to working with the media, public speaking, influencing decision-makers, and developing campaigning and stakeholder engagement skills. Above all, it means working with a truly inspiring group of people on an important mission to shift power towards communities.

This is an open call to anyone with experience in taking action in their communities to join our Campaign Team. Expressions of interest should take the form of a short (200-300 word) explanation of why you would like to take on this role. These will be assessed by a subgroup of the existing Campaign Team.

If you would like to put yourself forward, please fill out THIS FORM. And if you have any questions and would like to talk about this opportunity please contact Will Brett ( / 07979 696 265).

If you think that might be you, we would love to hear from you. Or if you know someone who fits the bill, please encourage them to put themselves forward.