Our Vision

People should have the power to shape their places and communities should have the rights and tools they need to come together and take control of their own futures.

We believe in a community- powered UK, where people across the country find connection, purpose and pride in local action. Where decisions are made at the most local level possible, and people’s understanding of and passion for their areas is embraced and put to good use. Where community organisations and groups are trusted and supported to get on with the work of improving their places, and public institutions work in genuine partnership with communities.

Our Mission

The We’re Right Here campaign is working to build a united movement for community power, spanning places and communities across the UK as well as the political spectrum.

We are campaigning for a Community Power Act to give communities more control over the spaces, services and spending decisions which shape their places and futures. We see this as the first step towards bringing about the fundamental change we need, and unlocking the power and potential contained within each and every one of our neighbourhoods.